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Financial Support Policy

Updated 12/8/2020

Financial Support Capacity
Survivors Joining for Hope (SJ4H) will provide $1,500 of support per approved application. Financial support provided to any approved applicant cannot exceed 10% of SJ4H’s financial assistance account value. Financial support must be applied to funeral expenses, burial expenses, grief counseling, legal fees or deemed necessary by SJ4H’s board of directors (BOD).

Geographical Support Parameters
SJ4H will provide financial support to any approved applicant within the state of South Dakota (SD). No funds will be distributed to an applicant outside of SD without the BOD’s approval through a majority vote.

Time Restrictions
Financial support will be provided to approved applicants no more than one year following the loss of a family member or loved one by suicide.

Applicant Qualifications
SJ4H will consider all applications regardless of applicant’s race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation and financial ability. Individuals and families applying for assistance must have experienced a loss of a family member or loved one by suicide. Either the applicant, funeral home or local coroner must verify cause of death prior to the distribution of funds.

Approval of Funds
Each application received by SJ4H will be reviewed by its BOD. Only applications that receive a majority vote by the BOD will be approved for distribution of funds. If a board member has any sort of relationship whether personal or professional to an applicant, that board member must abstain from participating in voting. The BODs will strive to finalize approval of applications within 72 hours of receiving an application.

Distribution of Funds
SJ4H will not distribute funds directly to any approved applicant. All approved funds must be paid directly to a company or organization providing support to the impacted individual/family seeking support.

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