Survivor’s Support Network

When a friend or family member is lost to suicide it can be hard to find someone who understands your grief. We have built a network to put you in contact with other survivors who share similar experiences and can assist you either one on one or in a group setting.


Help Support a Survivor

Funding a funeral and covering burial expenses can be quite difficult. Survivors Joining for Hope needs the help of individuals like you. Only through donations are we able to assist those impacted by suicide. Your donation today could change a life forever.


Burial Assistance Program

Not being able to pay for a proper funeral can be taxing on a family or individual. We offer a range of affordable plans and services. From burial sites, caskets and memorial markers we have partnered with a variety of local businesses to ensure your loved one is never forgotten.




For every suicide there are 25 attempts.

Bill Pay Assistance

Legal Counseling Support


Grief Counseling Support


Funeral Planning

Burial Support

Survivor Career Development

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