Survivors Joining for Hope was founded by survivors, for survivors. Knowing firsthand the impact losing a loved one has on those left behind, we strive to lessen the hardship experienced by individuals and families who have been affected by suicide.  With the help of generous donations, grants, and partnerships with local businesses, our organization provides access to financial assistance, grief counseling, and other services so survivors can focus on recovery.  In addition, we believe in increasing suicide awareness in the hopes of inspiring greater attention to preventative measures and means of support for those in need before it’s too late.  While suicide may never disappear, we pride ourselves on speaking out on behalf of those who have been lost or need help so we can help those who are still here. Together we can make a difference.


Who We Are

Research has suggested that for each death by suicide 115 people are exposed (4.7 million annually), and among those, 25 experience a major life disruption. In response to such dramatic numbers Survivors Joining for Hope Inc. was founded by Brad Hearst. We are an agency committed to lifting up those who have lost a loved one to suicide when they are most fragile. Since inception, we have built a support network within the greater midwest area. By working with local companies and pooling resources, Survivors Joining for Hope is committed to fulfilling our mission one survivor at a time.


Our History

Survivors Joining for Hope is a nonprofit organization that provides assistance to families who have lost a loved one to suicide and partners with other non profits to encourage prevention. In 2014, Founder Brad Hearst, lost his brother to suicide and was inspired by the United States Army CAO’s (Casualty Assistance Officers) to bring this incredible service to the general public. Since then SJ4H has collaborated with other survivors to bring this dream to life.


Each year 42,773 Americans pass away by suicide.

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