Just as the school year is coming to an end I feel that sigh of relief. No more phone calls during the middle of the day about how my son is in the office and will need to serve ISS or OSS for the next however many days. With that sigh of relief, I have to sit and wonder what will next year bring?

My son will be in third grade! When did that happen? Time moves by so quickly and I try to cherish each and everyday I have with my baby, even though he is eight years old he will always and forever be my baby. I do have to confess that I’m beyond excited for his third grade year, not just because it is a pivotal grade level to complete but he gets to have his first grade teacher all over again!

Let me back up and give a bit of history of his first grade year, in one-word AMAZING! His teacher was phenomenal. She just got my son and understood that this boy that is standing in front of her has had to deal with a lot of life changes and she allowed him to be upset yet she was firm, loving and compassionate. What more could I ask for in a teacher.

So the principle asked me to come into her office when I was done eating lunch with my little stinker (its usually a weekly occurrence) and I have to admit I was nervously thinking “ugh what did he do now”. So I finish up my lunch and head to the office with a negative attitude because I didn’t know if I could handle hearing anything negative about my baby. To my surprise she asked how I would feel if he was placed with his first grade teacher again. I was speechless. I quickly said oh my gosh yes we loved her and still do. I then quickly asked “she also is ok with having my son back? I know he is a lot of work”. That is when I was told that she requested him! OVERJOY filled my heart. It is like a huge weight was lifted off of me.

Now at this point in the year I was heavily contemplating homeschooling my son. Deep down I knew with his separation anxiety it wouldn’t necessarily help in the long run, but I was feeling so helpless. I just want my son to be emotionally ok while he was at school and with me not being there all day everyday that just wasn’t happening. I kept feeling like every time I turned around I would face a new wall, just as that wall was coming down a new one was being built to replace the old one. All I wanted is to know is that he is ok and that he’s able to cope with everyday life. I want to educate those to the emptiness and confusion those feel when you loose someone to suicide. It doesn’t just go away after 6 months, a year or a decade. It may become faded, but a small thing can trigger a flood of emotion that anyone, especially a little boy can’t explain.

This is why hearing that his first grade teacher, who got moved to third grade, was actually requesting to have my son in her classroom again meant so much to me. So while I do wonder how he will do I also anxiously wait for him to be encouraged while being successful in such a positive environment. Here is to a fun filled summer as we wait for a fabulous third grade year!

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